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Pregnancy is a mixed bag for most women. It’s time to pamper yourself as you wait for the arrival of your bundle of joy. It’s also a time when you can find yourself going through discomfort, aches, and fatigue. One of the common problems that many women face during pregnancy is backaches.

Why do I have back pain during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can experience pain in the region where the pelvis meets the spine. The reasons for pain in this area are as below.

1. Stress

Pregnancy can sometimes be mentally and emotionally stressful. This stress often manifests in back pain by causing tension in the muscles.

2. Changed posture

As your belly grows, your posture can change. You might notice that you are standing, sitting, and walking in a different way as the pregnancy progresses. This changed posture can cause a backache for some women.

 back pain during pregnancy

3. Weight gain

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. A woman can gain anywhere between 11 to 16 kilograms of weight during the course of the pregnancy. This increased weight can cause strain on the spine causing backache.

4. Hormonal changes

As your body prepares for childbirth, a hormone called relaxin is created. This hormone can cause the ligaments in the spine to loosen leading to instability and back pain.

How can I overcome pregnancy back pain? 

If you are an expecting mum and are battling pregnancy-related backache, this blog is for you. You can avoid or reduce back pain with a few lifestyle changes. We have curated the best tips for you to overcome backache and find more comfort during pregnancy.

1. Try prenatal exercises or yoga

Regular exercise helps in strengthening the muscles and improving their flexibility. This goes a long way in preventing backaches, especially if you have been regularly exercising before conceiving. You can also engage in prenatal exercises under professional supervision.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Yoga is a movement-based exercise that improves strength and flexibility. Prenatal yoga can be very effective to overcome backache, joint pain, and muscle pain. And of course, it can be useful in relieving stress and helping you feel and sleep better.

Here is a blog that may help you, which we covered previously.

2. Be mindful of your posture

Being more aware of your posture during pregnancy and practicing healthy posture can also help in avoiding back pain.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

As your belly grows, you might tend to lean back when you move causing more strain on the back muscles. You can follow the below tips to maintain better posture.

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed
  • Avoid locking your knees
  • If sitting for longer times, use a cushion for lumbar support

3. Get yourself the right gear for pregnancy

Those high heels and fancy shoes need to be kept away while you are pregnant. Instead, go for comfortable low-heeled shoes.

You should also wear comfortable clothes. A good nursing bra will support your bust helping you keep good posture without back pain.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Leggings  that are designed to be worn during pregnancy and support your back and belly are also great options.

4. Lift with care

You should avoid lifting heavy weights altogether during pregnancy. 

However, even when you lift small objects from the floor, you should not be bending at the waist. Instead, squat down by bending at the knees. 

5. Sleep on your side

When pregnant, avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, sleep on your side. You can keep your knees slightly bent.

Pregnancy and Back Pain

To improve your sleep, you can also use a pregnancy pillow. Don’t forget to get some comfy maternity nightwear!

6. Use hot and cold compresses

If you face back pain, use hot and cold compresses on the region where you feel the pain. 

You can use an ice pack on your back for a few days then switch to a heating pad. However, avoid using a heating pad over your abdomen and also seek your doctor’s approval before using the hot and cold technique.


Backaches can be painful, but hang in there. A few lifestyle changes can help you deal better with the pain. 

We hope that the above tips help you cope with backache during pregnancy. However, if you are still facing acute pain in the back, consider medical consultation. Your doctor could recommend medication or alternate therapies such as prenatal massage and acupressure. 

Have a healthy and happy pregnancy! 

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