November 14, 2018 2 min read

So, the last ultrasound report came in and the doctor told the mom that her baby is in the breech or transverse position. Her instant reaction is a panic attack. And her hope to deliver naturally is slowly slipping from the hands. Is that you? Or are you just a curious expecting mom who found out about breech babies and are getting all stressed out? In any case, take a deep breath and relax. It’s not half as bad as you would think. And we have some tips for you to do at home if you really do have a breech baby.

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1. The Breech Tilt

This method uses gravity to help turn your baby in the correct position for a vaginal birth. Simply lie down on the ground with your hips propped up on pillows so that the lower body is elevated 9-12 inches above your head. Hold this position for 10-15 minutes thrice a day. It works the best when the baby is active. Also, don’t do this exercise just after meals.


2. External Cephalic Version

 Now, ladies, don’t let the name scare you. It is a technique used by the doctor under ultrasound guidance. The doctor would gently apply pressure on the abdomen to help the baby move to the correct position. The baby’s vital stats are monitored during the procedure, so it’s safe! It’s a painful process though, but many believe that pain now is better than the pain of C-section later.

3. The Hot and Cold technique


In this technique, you apply an ice pack at the top of your baby bump and sit in a hot bath so that the lower portion of your belly is submerged in water.Alternatively, you can also hold awarm pack on the lower abdomen. The idea is to encourage the baby to move away from the cold to the warmth.

4. Moxibustion

This is a traditional Chinese method in which a mugwort stick (a herb) is burned from one end while the other end is applied to the pressure point located on the outer side of your baby toenail. This method is used by acupuncturists. This is a painless method and also risk-free, though the chances of success aren’t guaranteed.

Sound Therapy

You can play music especially composed for unborn babies. Just play the music and hold the earphones against the lower part of your abdomen. You can even ask your partner to talk to the baby with their mouth close to your abdomen, encouraging the baby to move towards the sound.


These are just a few methods to naturally get the baby in the ideal birthing position. There is a good chance that the baby will come in the correct position on its own as your due date comes closer. But, if you are going to try any of the above methods at home, do consult your doctor. Have a safe pregnancy!

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