June 06, 2022 3 min read

Pregnancy is a time when the hormones in your body are playing havoc. This is the reason why many women find themselves reacting differently to tastes and smells during pregnancy. Sudden aversions to certain foods, heightened sense of smell, weird cravings, and morning sickness are all part of a normal pregnancy for many women.

Today, let’s talk about morning sickness, which many women face during pregnancy.

Morning sickness is that weird feeling where you think you might puke (and sometimes you do!) right in the morning when you wake up.

Some women go through this sick feeling in the morning only while some others tend to feel sick any time during the day. Usually, women face this condition during the first trimester of their pregnancies. The morning sickness goes away on its own as the pregnancy progresses.

However, for some women, this condition can continue even beyond the first trimester.

There is no specific reason why women experience morning sickness during pregnancy. Also, there is no surefire way of preventing or curing morning sickness. Each pregnant body is different, and what works for one, might not work for another.

Below, we have curated tips used by pregnant women to get some relief from morning sickness. You can try these tips to see which one works for you.

1. Eat Something Sour

This comes from the age-old wisdom of our grandmothers. Sucking on a piece of lemon or having fresh lemonade can work to get out of the sick feeling.

sour lemon

2. Surround Yourself With Soothing Smells

Aromatherapy works to calm your senses and make you feel relaxed. Essential oils such as lemon and lavender can be good choices. However, pregnancy can put you off some smells, so you might have to look for a fragrance that works for you. An oil diffuser or incense sticks are a great way to fill the air with the fragrance of your choice.


3. Eat Healthy Foods

For some women, avoiding fried and fatty foods can help alleviate morning sickness. Opt for healthy meals and increase the amount of proteins in your diet. You can also include foods rich in iron such as leafy vegetables, dried fruits, beetroots, etc. Speak to your doctor about including Vitamin and Iron supplements in the diet.

healthy food

4. Avoid Hunger Pangs

For some women, going without food for long hours can be the reason for morning sickness. Eat small portions of food often to avoid feeling hungry. Also, a high-protein snack at bedtime can avoid feeling hungry when you get up, thus reducing the chances of morning sickness.

5. Switch To Blend Foods

If nothing works, switch to bland foods such as rice, toast, and bananas. Go for soups with less seasoning and boiled potatoes to keep your energy levels up.

What To Do If The Above Tips Don't Work?

If you know what triggers the morning sickness, stay away from it. For example, for some women, certain foods or smells can make the feeling of morning sickness even worse. 

If the common tips for keeping morning sickness at bay don’t work for you, speak to your doctor. Your doctor can prescribe medicines that are safe for pregnant women. These medicines can help avoid puking and help you deal with morning sickness better.

Here’s a helpful tip if you are puking a lot due to morning sickness. Sometimes, the prenatal supplements that you take come out with the puking and your body does not get the essential nutrients. If this is happening with you, choose to take the supplements at bedtime when the chances of you puking are lesser.

Hope these tips help you. Many women face the problem of morning sickness. So, if you do, too, don’t worry. It is only a temporary phase. Distract yourself by watching a good movie or listening to music or even taking a walk in the park. 

Hang in there. This, too, shall pass, mummy!


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