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Oh the bliss of finding out that you are pregnant! But there are nine long months between finding out that you are pregnant and actually having a baby in your arms. As you get used to the euphoria around your pregnancy news, you get to experience the not-so-pleasant side effects as you inch towards your delivery date week by week. While some of the side effects such as morning sickness are to be expected, some of the things women go through are surprising and even downright weird.

1. Facial and Body Hair

facial hair

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Pregnancy means out-of-control hormones having a gala time inside your body. And they sometimes lead to excessive body hair and even facial hair (gasp!). Don’t worry, though. It’s temporary.

2. Vaginal Infection

vaginal infection

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The hormones can also disrupt the natural fauna of your nether regions causing bacterial infections. This is also the time when you don’t want any infections down there because you are going to push out a human from there pretty soon. Your doctor will usually suggest suppositories to be used if you are susceptible to vaginal infections.

3. Sweating Bullets


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Did you pride yourself on always being clean and dry and smelling fresh? Don’t be surprised if during your pregnancy, you are suddenly all sweaty and itchy even if you have taken a shower a couple of hours ago.

4. Urinary Incontinence 

urinary incontinence

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As the baby grows, the uterus presses down on the bladder making you go to the bathroom very frequently. And don’t be surprised if a particularly strong sneeze or a hearty laugh makes you leak a bit! Pelvic floor exercises from the early stages of pregnancy and using panty liners can save you from some embarrassment or discomfort.

5. Increasing Sexual Appetite

Sometime after the morning sickness goes away and the baby bump is steadily growing, you might suddenly want some action between the sheets. As long as you have a go ahead from your doctor, there’s no harm in following the cues of your body.

Pregnancy can be a bittersweet experience, but it is one of the most memorable phases in your life. So, be prepared for a ‘bumpy’ ride!

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