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A nursing bra is a must-have for new mums who are entering the exciting phase of motherhood. A good nursing bra not only provides comfort and support but also makes breastfeeding more accessible and convenient.

Maternity and nursing bras are easily available today. But the sheer number of options to choose from can overwhelm a new mum. So, in today’s blog, we will share useful tips and answer common questions about choosing the right nursing bra.

 Nursing Bra

When should you get a nursing bra?

It is often thought that women need a nursing bra only when they start breastfeeding. However, the changes in your breasts start during pregnancy. To cope with these changes and to give our breasts good support, you need a nursing bra.

Typically, a woman should start wearing a nursing bra around the second trimester of her pregnancy. To know when you need to go for a maternity or nursing bra, notice the changes in your body. When your regular bra starts feeling tight and uncomfortable, it’s time to switch!

Do you really need a nursing bra?

Pregnancy can cause physical changes to your body and your breasts undergo a major change as they prepare for breastfeeding and then when you actually start your breastfeeding journey. A nursing bra will provide you with support and comfort during this time which you cannot get from your regular bra.

 Nursing Bra

Since nursing bras are made from stretchable materials, they easily accommodate changes in your breast size, thus giving you good support all through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How many nursing bras do you need?

With plenty of options to choose from, you can get as many nursing bras as you want! However, for comfortable wear, you should get at least 3 nursing bras. This way, you will have one to wear, one to wash, and one in your lingerie drawer.

Tips for choosing the right nursing bra

To get yourself the perfect nursing bra, you can consider the below factors.

1. Comfort

 Nursing Bra

Comfort should be your top priority when choosing a nursing bra. Look for a bra that is made of soft, breathable fabric that won't irritate your skin. The bra should fit well and provide adequate support without being too tight.

2. Fit

It is important to choose the right size nursing bra to ensure comfort and support. Nursing bras are usually sized by band and cup size, similar to regular bras. You can measure yourself for a nursing bra or seek professional help to get fitted.

While most brands use band and cup size for sizing, at Lovemère, we use the bust circumference as a sizing reference. This gives you the perfect fit. For finding your correct size, you can visit our page here. For personal fitting services, you are also welcome to visit the Mère Home. Tap here to book an appointment at your convenience.

3. Accessibility

 Nursing Bra

The purpose of a nursing bra is to make breastfeeding more accessible and comfortable. Look for a bra that has easy-to-use nursing access that allows you to quickly and discreetly feed your baby. You can choose from pull-down cups, drop-down clips, front-open bras, etc. Choose an option that you feel most comfortable with.

4. Style

Nursing bras come in a variety of styles, including sports bras, bralettes, sleep bras, and bras with lace and other detailing. Choose a style that suits your lifestyle and personal preference.

For example, if you are an active mum, a sports bra may be a better option for you. A sleep bra can be a great option for night feeding. Similarly, a good seamless bra can be a versatile undergarment to be worn under a variety of garments. If you are a mum who prefers pumping, a pumping bra will let you pump and multitask, making pumping more convenient.

 Nursing Bra

5. Quality
Investing in a high-quality nursing bra is worth it in the long run. A good nursing bra will provide the support you need and last throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Look for bras made of durable, high-quality materials.

What are the accessories you can use with a nursing bra?

Breastfeeding does have its challenges. But the right nursing bra and handy accessories can make a lot of difference to your comfort. Here are some accessories you can consider.

1. Washable nursing pads

Washable nursing pads

Washable nursing pads are reusable pads that you can wear after delivery once the milk comes in. They can be inserted inside a nursing bra over the nipples. Nursing pads are primarily used to soak any leaking milk from the breasts. This keeps the skin dry preventing rashes and infections. 

Nursing pads are also soft and gentle and can give you relief from chafing by acting as a gentle layer over your nipples.

2. Bra extenders

It’s very natural to put on weight during pregnancy with a little human growing inside you. If the stretchable cups of your nursing bra can hold your breasts comfortably, yet the bra feels tight, it’s time to use some bra extenders. Bra extenders fit into the hook and eye closure band of your existing nursing bras and give you more room.

3. Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover

A nursing bra with easy nursing access is made in a way that helps you comfortably breastfeed on the go. However, some mums might feel the need to have an additional cover for more privacy and modesty, especially when they are nursing in public.

A nursing cover is a great option to create an instant private bubble for you and your baby. You can breastfeed in privacy and help the baby feed without any external distractions.

Final thoughts

A good nursing bra can help you breastfeed confidently and conveniently. With the right nursing bra, you can enjoy the special time you get with your little one. You are not only providing nourishment to your baby, but you are also creating a bond of a lifetime. 

So, do take the time to choose the perfect nursing bra for yourself. It will be totally worth it to wear a bra that feels comfortable and makes your life easy. If you have any questions about fitting or choosing the right bra, do get in touch with us at hello@lovemere.com or chat with us on our website. We are always happy to help!


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