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Those first few postpartum weeks can be some of the hardest on our bodies. It‘s very important to find a bra that fits perfectly and is comfortable and nursing-friendly.

A nursing bra is great to be used for breastfeeding. A mother-to-be can enjoy the comfort of a nursing bra too. It is capable to accommodate our growing breasts. The nursing bra comes with panels or clasps that can be undone to access the nipples for breastfeeding. These bras also have different cup support as they have to be able to lift breasts that are milk laden.

A good nursing bra needs to:

  • Support your breasts
  • Allow quick nursing access
  • Allow room for your changing breast size when they are full
  • Have some space to insert nursing pads to take care of any leakage

Advantages and Features of a Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is different from a regular bra and has some unique advantages for a nursing/pregnant mother. Here’s how.

  1. Comfortable: Nursing bras do not come with underwire which is known for pressing against your skin and breast. It still provides support while having soft inner cotton lining that prevents any chafing against your tender breasts.

  2. Better breast care: For lactating mothers, underwire bras can result in breast infections like mastitis. Nursing bras are gentler and have lesser chances of causing breast infections.

  3. Convenience: Nursing bras allow you to feed your baby without having to unhook entirely. You can multitask with these bras as you can unhook the clasps for the panels with just one hand.

  4. Support: While your breasts may grow in size, they are also much heavier than they were before. A nursing bra is designed to provide optimum support to breasts.

  5. Shape: One of the concerns of breastfeeding is that it will cause the breasts to sag. Nursing bras will give you support and shape and keep the effects of gravity at bay.

  6. Style: Nursing bras don’t need to be boring. There are beautiful nursing bras available that make you look and feel great!

  7. Padding: Most nursing bras come with padded cups. They not only provide comfort to your nipples, but they also make sure there’s no nipple-show.

  8. Space for nursing pads: Breasts do leak between feeds, especially when you are a new mum. Bras that come with space to hold nursing pads are great!

Most women think that nursing bras come only in one style. Nothing can be farther from the truth. With many types of nursing bras available in different styles, you are bound to find one to suit your needs best.


Buying a Nursing Bra Online

Motherhood can keep you extremely busy. Going out to a store to buy a bra can feel like too much work. But, with the right approach, you can buy a nursing bra online, too!

  • Measure yourself well before you buy a bra. Stand in front of a mirror to make sure you are holding the measuring tape correctly.

  • Be sure to use the size charts available on the sites to get a proper understanding of the bra size and fit.

  • Look for high cotton content, so you’ll be comfortable even when your breasts feel full and hot. It will also be more comfortable to wear during hot and humid weather.

Types of nursing bras

Here are some types of nursing bras that you can find online.

  1. Sleep Nursing Bras - Nursing can be quite exhausting. You need a stretchy, cotton/bamboo blend bra to sleep and lounge in. Mums who are new to nursing will love the Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Bra from Lovemère for its easy pull-down access for no-hassle night time nursing.
  1. Soft Cup Seamless Nursing Bras - Nursing can make your nipples sore. You need a bra made from a soft, breathable fabric that can give you support and at the same time feel comfortable against your skin. The Lovemère Seamless Nursing Bra is made from fabric so soft, you will fall in love with it!
  1. Active Nursing Sports Bras - Motherhood is a workout! With the Active nursing bra from Lovemère added to your collection, you’ll enjoy comfort, support, and easy nursing access. Its racerback style gives the ultimate support that you would need for an active lifestyle.
  1. Camisole with Built in Bras – If you are breastfeeding, that does not mean you have to dress up in boring clothes. Nursing bras that are built into tank tops offer discreet nursing clips for quick breastfeeding access. And they are so comfortable in the hot weather! The Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole is a product you will love. 
  1. Lacy Nursing Bras – Feel beautiful in some lace love. Add a twist to your bra collection with a lacy nursing bra that makes you feel feminine and desirable. The Avery Dove Nursing Bralette is just perfect to bring out your gorgeousness.

You’ll probably need a nursing bra for as long as you are breastfeeding. While your breasts are heavy and full during the first few weeks (engorged) it may help to wear a bra at night, too. Having the best nursing bra for your needs will make the experience much easier on you and your baby. Having the support of a good bra can help any new mother ease into breastfeeding. Happy nursing!

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