July 23, 2018 2 min read

And we're back with more awesome facts about breastfeeding! If you haven't read part 1 yet, then I suggest reading it here.

Breastfeeding is a thing of beauty, not only does it nourish our little ones better than your typical off-the-shelf formula milk, but also gives us mothers great health benefits.

There are many interesting facts about breastfeeding and we already shared 6 of them last week, so here are 6 more awesome facts about breastfeeding that you'll be surprised to know about!

1.) Breastmilk for a smarter child? - According to the World Health Organization, breastfed babies are more likely to perform better in intelligence tests. So if you're looking to develop an Einstein, why not start with breastfeeding?

2.) It's more of a sprinkler than a hose - If you grew up believing that breastmilk squirts from a single hole then think again! The number of pores that breastmilk comes out from is different from mom to mom, but it is most likely between 10-20 pores.

3.) Six months and you're going solid! - According to the World Health Organization, solid foods should be introduced to the baby as early as 6 months. It is important to note however that breastfeeding shouldn't be decreased once you have introduced solid foods to your baby.

4.) Breastmilk exercises your baby's palate - Contrary to popular belief, breastmilk doesn't have a single flavor like formula milk. Some of the "taste" characteristics of food that you recently ate is somewhat incorporated into your breastmilk indirectly. 

5.) Size doesn't matter! - Another myth believed by some moms is that having bigger breasts would mean more milk, this simply isn't true!

6.) Stressed out? Relax by breastfeeding your child! - When we lactate, a chemical called "Oxytocin" is released and this makes both us and our baby feel relaxed. 

So you see, breastfeeding brings a lot of benefits to both us and our babies! Make sure to always check in with your physician to ensure that you produce the best possible breastmilk for your little one.

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