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It is natural for pregnant women to be a little apprehensive about childbirth, more so when it’s their first pregnancy. And then there’s this constant battle between which birth is better. Vaginal birth or C-section? The truth is that the birth of a child is a miracle in itself and the way the child is brought into the world is secondary. You carry your baby within you for almost 9 months and when the time comes for the baby to come out, you should trust your doctor to decide which kind of birth is best for you and your baby.

The problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions about a C-section delivery floating around. So here’s our list of the top 9 myths that need to be busted right now!

1. The Scars after C-section are big, visible and stay forever.

Women always worry about the scars that are left behind after the C-section as they think they are very big and visible. But they are not the trouble. The scars will fade away with passing time leaving just a white horizontal line of approximately 10 cm in length. Another good thing is that the incision is made below the bikini line, so you need not worry about the scar showing even if you wear a two-piece bathing suit after delivery.

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2. Future Vaginal Births are not possible after a C-section.

It is certainly possible to have a vaginal birth the next time you are pregnant if you have had a C-section earlier. Doctors, after assessing the viability of vaginal birth, can induce labor, or wait for labor, and try for a natural birth.

3. Breastfeeding becomes difficult after C-section.

The success of breastfeeding does not depend on the method of delivery. In both natural birth and C-section, it is advised that you start breastfeeding as soon as possible. In any case, the initial struggle could be present. But with proper support and with time, you and your baby can easily get used to breastfeeding.

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4. The recovery period for a C-section is longer.

Even though it is true that you need to avoid any physically demanding activity for a few months after a C-section, the same can be true for a natural birth, too. However, you can start moving around after a few hours of the surgery. Of course, any physical activity must be done only after you get a green signal from your doctor.

 5. There is no pain during a C-section.

It is not true that women delivering won't feel any pain. Even though the effect of the anesthetic administered makes you numb, but while taking out the baby some amount of pressure, as well as a jerk, can be felt on your abdomen. And once the anesthesia wears off, you might experience some pain in the abdomen, especially around the incision.

6. C-section limits the number of babies you can have in the future.

This a big myth. There is no limit to the number of babies you can have via C- section, or naturally. However, it is always advisable to ensure you are fit for pregnancy again by speaking with your doctor.

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7. Skin-to-skin contact with babies becomes difficult after a C-section.

The newborn baby's temperature, as well as the breath, become very stable if it is given skin-to-skin contact with the mother immediately. If the baby is laid on the breasts while the doctors go ahead with stitching up the incision, it is ideal. It is a moment of bonding between the mother and the baby which should not be compromised upon.

8. It is the mother's choice to have a vaginal birth or a C-section.

Never a mother herself decides the way of giving birth to the baby. It may be due to some complications or some personal reason that a mother will opt for a C-section. However, the final decision should always be by the doctor.

9. C-section is a hassle-free procedure and is not a big deal.

Generally, doctors prefer and suggest to go for a natural birth. C-section is carried out for the women who have a high-risk pregnancy, or for women who develop complications during labor making it necessary to perform a C-section and get the baby out. Though it might look like an easier option than going through hours of labor and pushing out a baby through the birth canal, do remember that a C-section is a major surgery. It comes with its own set of risks. Hence, perceiving it as an easy option would be completely wrong.

Dear would-be mummies, no matter how you give birth, know that it is an experience that is totally worth it. When you hold the little bundle of joy in your hands, you will know how precious the moment feels. So, don’t worry, trust your doctor, and have faith!

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