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Postpartum Recovery Tips- Lovemere

Pregnant belly

For those of us who like to stay fit, even a month off gym can start haunting us about weight gain. But, during pregnancy, that feeling stays for over 10-12 months. And, the sad part is that this weight may not go away as easily as that gained with one month of no gym.  As you deliver your baby, the routine becomes more hectic than ever. But, a hectic routine does not mean that you can lose baby fat without opting for weight loss consciously.

It’s time to stop wearing your maternity clothes and come back to normal dressing. The key is that you need to make a start and stop yourself from keeping unrealistic expectations. So, to get you started to get that fit mom body, here are 5 very practical ways.


Walk it Out a Bit


Let’s face it; post partum period does bog you down with sleepless nights with the baby. Exercise, at this point of time, may seem too daunting a task. In fact, till 6 weeks after the delivery (even longer in case of a c-section), the body itself may not be prepared for exercise, per se.

So, all you can do for now is get moving a bit. Take a walk around the block, say for 10 minutes. Make sure that it doesn’t aggravate the bleeding. Wait for the 6-week checkup and then you can increase the walk to 30 min a day. It may be a good idea to take your little one along in the stroller. It adds to your calorie burnout. After crossing the 6-week mark you can even try Kegels and light stretching or workout.


Monitor Your Diet

Monitor Your Diet

Empty calories can really set you back. Junk foods like chips and soda and pizzas. Also, do not go for crash diets. They can really harm you and your baby. It is important that you make the necessary changes to your diet. Take more lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy copiously. Be gradual about it. The body is still convalescing and sudden changes can disturb your health.

Follow a balance schedule and eat small meals throughout the day. The baby may be out, but it still needs food from your body. This will ensure that calories are processed throughout the day and not accumulated all at once.

Don’t take excess juices. They may be rich in vitamins, but are full of calories. Fruits are a better alternative.

Breastfeed for Good Health


Did you know that the very act of breastfeeding can burn up to 800 calories a day? The great news is that on an average you need around 500 extra calories to breastfeed the baby. However, you end up burning more than that even if you are simply sitting in your cozy bed and feeding. Just make sure that you wear a nursing bra because no bra will make your breasts sag, and a normal one will be too inconvenient.

Also, once your little one has been weaned, your calorie requirement will plummet. So, make the necessary changes in your diet. And start working out.

Befriend New Moms

mom friends

It may sound like this advice doesn’t belong here, but wait till you read it. Only a new mom can understand your state of body and mind of another new mom. Connecting with those who have the same challenges as yours can be really helpful. Joining an exercise group with new moms can keep you high in spirits and help you make a regime. The plus point is that you can even take your new born along. And, then there is so much of discussion and new things to learn.

Stay Hydrated

keep yourself hydrated

It does happen that all that responsibility makes you forget to keep yourself hydrated. Not only does keeping your system hydrated keep you energized, but also flushes the toxins out of the body. When your body is hydrated, it fights infection better. It also boosts the metabolism, thus helping you with weight loss.

It is not necessary to have only water. While you must maintain a count of 8 glasses of water per day, also adds beverages like shakes, smoothies, etc. dishes like soups also increase water content.

So, get your body back on track and enjoy the gift of maternity to the fullest.

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