December 11, 2017 3 min read

In the prequel to this post, we already told you why nipple soreness may occur and what you can do to treat it. Here are some tips from doctors and mother that can help you relieve nipple soreness and crack with minimum hassles. Yes, there are some more ways that can make your maternity easy by easing the process of breastfeeding for you and your baby.

  1. Less Sore Breast Goes in First

Yes, this is a good way to begin breastfeeding when you have sore nipples. Start feeding the baby with the less sore nipple, first. As you start feeding on one, the other breast will start to show signs of milk ejection reflex, usually indicated by a tingling feeling or milk dripping. Also, the baby’s suck and swallow pattern can tell you that it’s time to switch breasts.

  1. Break the Suction before Removing the Baby’s Mouth

Each time you remove your baby’s mouth from your breast, whether to switch breasts or to stop breastfeeding, make sure that you break the suction first. All you have to do is press the breast tissue a little to stop the milk flow, and then surreptitiously slide your index finger into the baby’s mouth right where the nipple was. This is to prevent “popping” which can be painful.

  1. Prepare Your Breast for Feeding

    Prepare Your  Breast for Feeding

It can be very helpful if you give some stimulation to milk ejection reflex a few seconds before you can feed. Use warm compress if you want, or simply massage to make the breast ready to flow. This will help you a lot since the baby will be able to latch well if the milk reflex is already there.

  1. Remove Your Nursing Pads Right

    Nursing Pads Right

If you are using nursing pads, which is a good thing since they help you keep the nipples dry, make sure you take them off properly. In case they are stuck to your nipples because of dried milk, make sure you moisten them before you remove them gently. Removing them in a dry state can aggravate the soreness since most of them contain part plastic.

A rather genius idea is to use nursing pads that are organic, and better still washable. That will provide you better, softer comfort along with the lesser risk of infection.

  1. Don’t Discard Your Maternity Clothes

     Maternity Clothes

Just like your maternity clothes have been providing you comfort during your pregnancy, they will keep serving you during your nursing phase too, for the initial few months at least. While you may want to get back to wearing a fancy bra again, you should desist. Choose a comfortable nursing bra made of cotton fabric. Cotton is breathable and is gentle for your nipples. If you are not very busty, you can also choose to go braless. If your breasts are heavy, a comfortable bra will support and prevent sweating and sagging.

Also, you must prefer comfy cotton and light fabrics. Anything that makes you sweat can foster and aggravate infection in the nipples, thus worsening nipple soreness.

Try these out and you will be amazed to see how effective these small hacks can be. Soreness of the nipples can be an issue for most women; therefore, do not worry in case, you experience it.

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