Comparison on camisoles


HM Basics Nursing Camisole

Comparison between HM Basics Nursing Camisole ("old") and Ellie Cruz Nursing Cami ("new").

1. Improved cotton fabric that is more buttery.

2. Longer length to increase the longevity of the camisole, so when you are pregnant, you can wear it.

3. Bigger and curved bra padding to accommodate a naturally bigger bust or engorged busts.

4. Ability to switch to racerback straps for better support and style.

We have interviewed one of our mummies, Jaclyn, who has used both our old and new versions and here is how the two products compare from her point of view:

Ellie Cruz Nursing Camisole with Built-in Padded Bra

"1) Fit - I wore the same size – Size M - for both the old and new camisoles. The new cami gives more allowance, thus is more comfortable. The old one was really very tight fitted, like wearing a bodycon. It is okay for home, but not for wearing outside. This is why I prefer the new design.

2) Cups - The cups in the new cami seem more rounded and fitted for me (lesser empty space).

3) Length -The length is much much better in the new cami! I prefer long tops, and I can wear this cami while going out. The old one was a bit too short.

4) Clasps -I feel that the clasps on the new cami are quite loose, as compared to the old one. They are easier to unclip though!

5) Straps -The straps are longer in the new cami. This is much better for adjustment. In the old design, the straps were at the maximum length, but I still needed more!

6) Colors - Need more colors please! ;) "