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For mummies who take a break from their careers after childbirth, returning back to work when their kids are a little older might seem like a logical next step. But motherhood can really throw logic out of the window. If you are going to return back to work, you might find that the whole dynamics of working have changed. You have to factor for expenses towards childcare, insurance, etc.

Also, for many mothers, leaving your precious baby behind as you go to the office might seem daunting. Work-from-home to the rescue! At the onset, it seems like a really good option to achieve work-life balance. But is it? It could be, if you do your homework and don’t believe the following myths!

Myth #1: Work-from-home is not real work

This is totally false. If you are serious about the work you do, work-from-home can be as demanding as working from an office. You still have to manage your time, take care of deadlines, and be professional. It is hard work and it is very real.

Myth #2: You don’t need help for household chores

It might feel like if you are at home, you can get little things like hanging the laundry or doing the dishes done easily when you are taking a coffee break. Probably you can manage to get some chores done. But, to think you can manage full-time work and all household responsibilities is wishful thinking.

 Myth #3: You don’t need daycare or a babysitter

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How difficult can it be to get a little work done on the side while your child is busy playing by herself? The answer is very! Just because you are at home, it does not automatically mean that you don’t need outside help for taking care of your child. If you are serious about the work you are doing, you need dedicated time to do your work. And this cannot happen if you constantly have to keep one eye on a toddler who is constantly on the move.

Myth #4: You will get to spend more time with your child

This is partially true. If you have an alternate caregiver for your child, you can actually end up having more time on hands since you are saving time on commuting and getting ready for office. But, if you are trying to manage everything yourself, chances are you won’t have enough time for either. Your work will suffer and you won’t exactly be able to spend quality time with your child all the time.


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Myth #5: You will miss out on social life

You probably will, since coffee chats with work colleagues go out of the window. But, if you are careful about how you manage your time, you don’t have to let your life be all boring. Collaborate with your workmates, take out time to talk to them or meet them if you are in the same city. Alternatively, plan playdates or coffee dates with friends to achieve true work-life balance.


Mummies, if you want to return back to work in order to support your family financially, or because you want to follow your passion, or for any other reason, first of all, more power to you! Have confidence in yourself, and make sure you do complete research about the kind of work you are going to do. List down the pros and cons and have a little patience and perseverance, and you can’t go wrong!  

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