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Pregnant women go through so much! Let’s see.

There’s the morning sickness which makes you feel you won’t be able to keep down anything you eat. Then, there’s this pressing need to go to the bathroom all the time. The hormones are having a ball inside the body and the mood swings are making you question your sanity. And did I mention the swollen feet and the sudden inability to look at your feet? Oh, the list is endless!

Where do men come in?

husband and pregnant wife
Image source: AptParenting

Well, some might say that women are made for this and they are very much capable of dealing with pregnancy. That is absolutely true. Women are undoubtedly capable to handle all the vagaries of pregnancy. But one thing that keeps them going is their husband’s support. However, most husbands, though well-meaning, are often clueless when it comes to supporting their pregnant wives. So, this article is for all you men out there who are expecting a baby.

Here’s a list of simple things you should know!

1. Food is your friend, guys! Except when your wife is going through the morning sickness phase, she needs to eat more food in general. She will be hungry often and you do know what happens to pregnant women when they are kept away from food for too long, right? The word ‘hungry’ comes to the mind! Always keep her favorite snacks available in the house for her to munch between meals. And when you are at home, sit down with her to eat. Nothing like a little chat over some healthy and delicious food.

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Image source: Parents Magazine

2. Her body is changing. Deal with it. Your wife is bound to gain weight during the pregnancy. Don’t make a big deal out of it. She might be going through a lot of self-doubt and low body image. Support her and tell her she is beautiful. Even the strongest of the women sometimes need to hear it from their husbands.


3. Understand when she needs to rest. If you feel she is just being lazy wanting to lie in the bed all the time, you are wrong. Women get very tired with a life growing inside them. Help your wife by doing the chores for her so that she gets more time to rest. Make her feel comfortable by helping her put her legs on a cushion to help with those swollen feet. Run her a hot bath and give her a foot massage.

pregnant wife resting sleeping

Image source: BabyCenter

4. Doctor visits are not only the woman’s domain. Accompany her to her regular check-ups and scans. Ask the doctor the right questions and try to understand your wife’s specific needs so that you can support her better.


5. Don’t blame her for her mood swings. Chances are she herself is confused why she feels so delirious with happiness one moment and wants to cry her eyes out the next moment. Be near her when she needs you and give her some space when she wants to spend some time alone. Let this time be about her and not about yourself.


6. If the doctor hasn’t specifically told you to avoid sex due to a medical condition, having sex is absolutely alright as long as you both want it. Consider her inclination and preferences before you jump into it, though.


Remember that your wife is probably scared, especially if it’s her first pregnancy. Your constant support means a lot for her. Do care for her, but don’t overdo it. She is pregnant, not terminally ill. The key is to keep your eyes and ears open and take cues from her. The bond that you form with her during pregnancy is going to last for years to come. So, have a great time pampering your wives!

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