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Pregnancy is the easier part. But, are you prepared for what comes after? Not scaring you, but as they say, it’s better to be prepared, right? Breastfeeding is one such thing for which you need to prepare yourself. And the best way to be ready for nursing is by being aware of what to expect when the baby comes.

So, if you are an expecting mother, or a new mom struggling with nursing, or even a mother who has been nursing for month, we will tell you the best positions you can use to ensure the baby’s comfort and your own.


1. Cradle position

This is an ideal position when feeding newborns. Cradle the baby such that the head rests in the crook of your elbow. You can support the baby’s tiny body with the rest of your hand so that your other hand is free. Now with the other hand, use your index and middle finger around your areola and squeeze a little so that the nipple as well as some part of the areola is in the baby’s mouth. If you are suffering from postpartum back-pain, you can consider using a nursing pillow.

2. The biological nursing position

breastfeeding, nursing

This is again a very good position for new moms. The mother lies on her back supported by pillows and the baby is placed on top with her face on the breast. You can use the same method explained above to get the baby to latch on. This works well for mothers with lesser milk supply since it provides lots of skin-to-skin contact promoting the production of oxytocin in the mothers which is known to increase milk supply. Also, bye-bye back pain!

3. The lying sideways position

nursing, breastfeeding, cosleep

When the baby is a little older and can turn on her side, you can lie down in sleeping position and turn on your side to face the baby. Gently, turn your baby to your side. By this time, the baby is already adept in latching and will start sucking within seconds. This position is great for night-time feeding, especially if you co-sleep with the baby.


4. The twin hold position

twins, nursing, breastfeeding, twin hold

Having twins? Both hungry at the same time? No worries. This position only requires pillows placed at both sides. Hold the baby in a football hold, under your arm with the baby’s face towards your breast and her legs away from you. Support the baby on the pillows while also holding them with your hand on that side. Repeat with the other baby on the other side and nobody cries!


Breastfeeding is not just a way to provide nutrition to your baby. It is a fantastic opportunity to bond with the baby. So, remember to talk to her while she nurses or sing to her. Keep eye contact and smile at the baby and watch her smile back at you. Make sure you enjoy this special time together while it lasts! Happy nursing!

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