Rebrand FAQ

What will happen to my store credit code or discount code given by Happy Maternity previously?

There will be no change; you can continue to key your code in the checkout page based on your expiry date.

How do you pronounce Lovemère?

We prefer to call ourselves Love-mere.

Will I receive Happy Maternity products after your rebranding? 

Yes! We will continue to ship out Happy Maternity products in our new Lovemère packaging until they are sold out. It will be a short transition period. This is one of our ways to reduce wastage. All new launches moving forward will be under Lovemère.

Are the people behind Happy Maternity the same as Lovemère?

Yes! It is the same team.

What will happen to your social media accounts?

From today onwards, all our social media accounts will be changed to @lovemereco.

What will happen to your website? will replace as our new store domain effective on 1st January 2020.

What are your new contact details?

Please email w.e.f. 1st January 2020.